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July 2012:
Celtic Steps proudly took 62 qualified Champion Dancers
to the USA, National Irish Dance Championships in Chicago!
We are so proud of all of our dancers, world qualifiers and winning, first place figures, and high ranking 8 hand teams.
Especially a shout out to our

Blaine Donovan, who took first place!
Aiden Shannon 7th
Sean Weller 7th
Elise Bryant 10th

Also a shout out to our World Qualifiers and Recalled Dancers!
This has been another amazing year!

First Place National Champion, 2012 Blaine Donovan & Maddie Wenger, First Place Winning 'Pixie Queen' at NANS, Chicago First Place National Champion, 2012 Blaine Donovan & Maddie Wenger, First Place Winning ‘Pixie Queen’ at NANS, Chicago
Delaney Howell, World Qualifier, NANS 2012 Delaney Howell, World Qualifier, NANS 2012
Shaun and Aisling Casey, Celtic Steps, National Champions Celtic Steps Mixed 8 Hand, NANS 2012
Celtic Steps Figures Teams Win Nationals Again The Salmon of Knowledge Wins NANS 2012 Figure First Place Award! Congrats also to Robyn (pictured front) who took 11th place overall in solos!
First Place Figures Team 'Pixies of The Burren Mist' First Place Figures Team ‘Pixies of The Burren Mist’
Hugs Between Medals for Celtic Steps USA, Irish Dance National Dancers Hugs Between Medals for Celtic Steps USA, Irish Dance National Dancers
Congrats! Elyse 10th Place, Nationals 2012 pictured with Aisling & Shaun Casey Congrats to Elyse Bryant, 10th Place, Nationals 2012 pictured with Aisling & Shaun Casey
Belfast, 2012. World Irish Dance Championships. 14 Dancers from Celtic Steps qualified for this prestigious event. 12 made the treck to Ireland. We were sad to leave our Blaine behind at the last minute. We are so proud of the hard work, dedication (parent’s dedication to get them overseas) and how these kids represented our school in Ireland this year. These dancers will go on to represent Celtic Steps at this year’s Nationals in Chicago along with around 40 other qualified National Dancers from our school! A special shout out to the two TOP 20 Boys! Shaun Weller (20th) and Aidan Shannon (19th)!! Way to go guys! And Laurie Shinnick who came home with 42nd place in a very tough group! (more photos to come. dancers if you’ve got em, get em to Annie in C. Springs)
Celtic Steps and World Irish Dance Championships Aidan Shannon about to dance his set at World’s, recalled and took 19th!
Shaun Weller, top 20 at Worlds 2012. Congrats Shaun!
Irish Dance World Championships 2012 Celtic Steps Dancers and a friend at Worlds in Belfast
Molly Clark ready to dance at Worlds!
Our World Qualified Dancers

Best Celtic Steps WRO Ever!! 85% recall rate- 21 World Qualifiers – 3 Solo Wins – 4 Team Wins – Dozens of top 5’s

A Huge Congratulations to all!

World Qualifiers, Blaine Donovan (and first place winner) & Branden MacDonald during awards. Congrats also goes out to first place for Sean Weller as well. (not pictured)
Celtic Steps Earns Top Placements for Colorado, World and National Irish Dance again for 2011! Celtic Steps Girls & Ladies Figure Teams take three first place titles. Pictured Here: Minor Figure Team with teachers: ADCRG, Shaun Casey & TCRG, Aisling Casey
Celtic Steps Teams had record recalls this year! Good job dancers!

Oireachtas Solo Results for Celtic Steps

Girls Under 8
Kennedy McDonald — 6
Madison Reilly — 26
Victoria Strawbridge — 28

Boys Under 8
Eric Jones — 3

Girls Under 9
Katja Behrens — 1st Place!
Allison Greening — 4
Lauren Birchby — 8
Delaney Howell — 9
Eileen Shehan — 15

Boys Under 9
Aaron Jimenez –3

Girls Under 10
Molly Shehan * 5th WQ
Erin Storch * 10th WQ
Elyse Bryant — 13
Reed Fricke — 17
Bridget Newsome — 33
Megan Henderson — 35
Emma McCartney — 40

Boys Under 10
Braeden McDonald * 4th WQ

Girls Under 11
Brynnae Hemphill * — 6th WQ
Abigail Hostetler — 27
Audrey Parmentier — 14

Boys Under 11
Aiden Shannon *3rd WQ

Girls Under 12
Madalyn Wenger * 4th WQ
Tara Storch * 8th WQ
Faith Daugherty * 11th WQ
Siobhan Sterling* NANQ — 15
Irelan Fricke –23
Savannah Moody — 51
Allie Jones — 52

Girls Under 13
Anna Barr — 31

Boys Under 13
Josh Garzaniti * 2nd WQ

Girls Under 14
Danielle Kinney * 13th WQ
Ciara Shannon — 28
Miranda Garzaniti — 40
Kika Macfarlane — 48
McKenzie Weller — 56

Boys Under 14
Brady Wiesner* — 8th NANQ

Girls Under 15
Emily Barr * — 11th WQ
Olivia McCartney — 19
Hunter Grenier — 26
Maeve Heitman — 48
Ellie Dorchuck — 61

Girls Under 16
Lauren Shinnick * 3rd WQ
Sarah Farley * — 4th WQ
Molly Clark * — 10th WQ
Madeline Calderon-Jackson — 24
Hannah Peterson — 34
Danielle Thaxton — 39

Boys Under 16
Sean Weller* 1st Place! WQ

Girls Under 17
Robyn Kinzie * — 11th WQ

Boys Under 17
Hadley Hofreiter * 5th WQ

Girls Under 18
Jessica Lesser — 12

Girls Under 19
Kate Shinnick — 19

Ladies Under 20
Marcia Speights + * 4th WQ WMH

Men 20 and Under
Blaine Donovan * 1st Place! WQ
Joe Poch * 3rd Place WQ

Ladies 20 and Over
Elizabeth Barton — 22

Oireachtas Figure Results
Girls Figure Under 12 1st Place!
Girls Figure Under 15 –Team A 1st Place!
Girls Figure Under 15 — Team B 7th Place
Ladies Figure 15 and Over– 1st Place!
Oireachtas Team Results
Ceili Special Under 10 Girls

Team B– Celtic Steps 3rd Place
Team A — 6th Place

Ceili Special Under 10 Mixed Team A — First Place!

Girls Ceili Under 12
Team A 4th Place
Team B 5th Place

Girls Ceili Under 15
Team B 3rd
Team A 12th
Team C 15th

Girls Ceili 15 & Over
Team B 2nd Place
Team A 8th Place

Mixed Ceili Under 12
Team A 2nd Place

Mixed Ceili Under 15
Team A 2nd Place

Mixed Ceili 15 & Over
Team A 2nd Place

Congrats Josh Garzaniti for your second place!

Girls Under 10 Team for Celtic Steps

Junior A Figure Team Takes First Place Oireachtas 2011
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News and Press Releases: NANS July 2011

Celtic Steps Figures Teams Sweep 2011 Nashville, TN National Championships.

Our school had multiple recalls and FOUR 1st place titles in Figure Choreography!

  • Sr. Ladies Figure: 2011 World Champions & 2011 National Champions
  • Sr. Mixed Figure: 2011 World Champions & 2011 National Champions
  • U 16 Jr. Figure: 2011 National Irish Dance Champions
  • U 13 Minor Figure: 2011 National Irish Dance Champions
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We are so proud of all who danced!

Celtic Steps Congratulates all of our recalled dancers:

NANS, Nashville, TN 2011 Results for Celtic Steps Solo Dancers

U8 Girls
17th Kennedy McDonald

U8 Boys
14th Eric Jones

U9 Girls
8th Katja Behrens
55th Lauren Birchby
57th Delaney Howell

U10 Girls
44th Reed Fricke

U11A Girls
35th Annelise Hopkins

U12 A/B
29th Madalyn Wenger

U14B Girls
48th Danielle Kinney

U16 Boys
6th Sean Weller

U16A Girls
29th Lauren Shinnick
34th Molly Clark
39th Madalyn Jackson

U16B Girls
58th Sara Farley

U17A Girls
33rd Megan Padgett

U18A Girls
16th Jessica Lesser (WQ)

U18B Girls
25th Kylee Fehr

U17B Girls
25th Robyn Kinzie

U19 Ladies
51st Kate Shinnick

U20 Ladies
21st Marcia Speights

Senior Men
2nd Blaine Donovan
13th Joe Poch

Teams and Figures

Girls U11 Ceili
7th Celtic Steps

Girls U13 Ceili
16th Celtic Steps

Girls U16 Ceili
5th Celtic Steps
21st Celtic Steps

Mixed U11 Ceili
4th Celtic Steps

Mixed U13 Ceili
2nd Celtic Steps

Mixed Ceili U16 CHAMPIONS Celtic Steps
Girls U13 Figure Choreography CHAMPIONS Celtic Steps!!
Girls U16 Figure Choreography CHAMPIONS Celtic Steps!!
Ladies 16&O Figure Choreography CHAMPIONS Celtic Steps!!
Mixed 16&O Figure Choreography CHAMPIONS Celtic Steps

Celtic Steps National and World Champion Irish Dance Team Dancers Celtic Seps Junior Figure Team, First Place NANS, 2011
Celtic Steps Irish Dancers Win! Celtic Steps Minor Figure Team also wins National Title at NANS, 2011
Aisling Casey, devoted Irish Dance Teacher for Celtic Steps Aisling Casey coaches Celtic Steps Figures Teams for Nationals
Longest Irish Dance Jig Line NANS, 2011 Celtic Steps participated in the Guiness Book of World Records, “Longest Jig Line”.
Shaun and Aisling Casey with three of their National Qualifying & Recalled Dancers
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Two teams from Colorado’s Celtic Steps School of Irish Dance crowned champs at
2011 World Irish Dance Championships in Dublin

Colorado is now home to two World Champion Irish Dance teams as today both the Senior Girl’s Figure team of 16 girls and the Mixed Figure team of eight girls and eight boys each from Colorado’s Celtic Steps School of Irish Dance won their respective competitions at the 2011 World Irish Dance Championships in Dublin, Ireland. The 2011 World Irish Dance Championships (the 41st “Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2011”) in Dublin attracts more than 4,500 dancers representing hundreds of Irish dance schools from 32 countries around the globe.

One of the marquee competitions of the Championships is the Senior Girls Figure competition, which features teams performing intricately choreographed routines that would make any Broadway producer proud. Celtic Steps performed “The Salmon of Knowledge” and their stellar performance beat out teams from Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and Norway to bring the coveted title to Colorado.

(Download press release for names of dancers and more info…)

Click to download full press release.

Celtic Steps Worlds 2011 Takes Two World Titles in Figure Team Dancing

Celtic Steps Senior Ladies and Mixed Figure Teams are now World and 2011 National Champions!

The Celtic Steps Sr. Mixed Figure Team also took first place at the 2011 National Championships and in Dublin, Ireland at the Worlds. Congrats to all of our hard working dancers, dedicated teachers and supportive parents of these very talented kids.
Celtic Steps NANS Champions and World Champion dance teams
Celtic Steps “Salmon of Knowledge” World Champion team, and the 2011 National Championship team pictured with teachers, Aisling and Shaun Casey
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More World Championship 2011 News:

Celtic Steps takes home two world titles for Senior Figure Teams, recalls three solo dancers, and places 4 Ceili Teams from the 2011 World Championships

Here are some more updates from the CLRG World Irish Dance Championships in Dublin Ireland / Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2011

Placements in Solos:

Marcia Speights— 10th Place, Comp #22 Ladies 19-20

Blaine Donovan– 13th Place, Comp #2 Men 19-21

Sean Weller— 21st Place, Boys Under 16

Placements in Figures (16 Hands):

Competition #55 – Senior Mixed Figure
1st – Team A Celtic Steps

Competition #56 – Senior Ladies Figure
1st – Team A Celtic Steps

Competition #54 – Junior Girls Figure 13 – 16
9th – Team A Celtic Steps

Placements in Ceili (8 Hands):

Competition #43 – Junior Mixed Ceili 13 – 16
4th – Team A Celtic Steps

Competition #43 – Junior Girls Ceili 13 – 16
22nd – Team B Celtic Steps

Competition #45 – Senior Girls Ceili
12th – Team A Celtic Steps

Competition #47 – Senior Ladies Ceili
18th – Team A Celtic Steps

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Western Regional Oireachtas
Sacramento, CA

Celtic Steps Takes 5 First Place Titles in Sacramento.
Katjia Behrens 1st Place
Josh Garzaniti — 1st Place
Sean Weller — 1st Place
Blaine Donovan — 1st Place
Lauren Shinnick — 1st Place

All Celtic Steps Figure Choreography Teams Placed in the top 5!

Senior Mixed– 1st Place
U15 A– 1st Place
U12 A– 2nd Place
O15 A– 3rd Place
O15 B– 4th Place
U15 B– 5th Place

ALL 19 WORLD QUALIFIERS (WQ) to dance at
Irish Dance World Championships
Dublin, Ireland

Girls u8

1st Katja Behrens
8th Kennedy McDonald

Boys u8
6th Eric Jones

Girls u9
9th Reed Fricke

Girls u10
10th Annalise Hopkins (WQ)

Boys u10
2nd Aidan Shannon (WQ)

Girls u11
9th Tara Storch (WQ)
10th Madalyn Wenger (WQ)

Boys u12
1st Josh Garzaniti (WQ)

Boys u13
5th Brady Wiesner (WQ)

Boys u14
9th Matthew Hopkins

Girls u13

15th Danielle Kinney (WQ)

Girls u15

1st Lauren Shinnick (WQ)
10th Molly Clark (WQ)
11th Sara Farley (WQ)

Boys u15
1st Sean Weller (WQ)
2nd Kyler Epperson (WQ)

Girls u16
5th Robyn Kinzie (WQ)

Boys u16
3rd Hadley Hofreiter (WQ)

Girls u17
6th Kylee Fehr (WQ)

Girls u19
5th Marcia Speights (WQ)

Boys u20
1st Blaine Donovan (WQ)

Girls 20&O

10th Liz Barton (WQ)

Boys 20&O
3rd David Jenista (WQ)

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Oireachtas Teams Irish Dance Celtic Steps
Aisling and Shaun giving last minute advice to our teams.
Sacramento Oireachtas Irish Dance
Celtc Steps Figure teams get some last minute coaching.

Worlds, Scotland 2010 Update — Celtic Steps hits the top three!

Once again, Celtic Steps enters the World Irish dance arena and takes third place. Representing Celtic Steps as the United States National Champion 1st place dancers, our mixed figure team moved up from last year’s 5th place to take a spot in the top three at the World Championships in Scotland. Congrats, for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that went into this win.

Other Celtic steps placements at worlds included a 5th place for our Senior Mixed Ceili team, and our Senior ladies Ceili team and Senior Mixed Ceili B teams were both only one place away from a recall.

In solos, Eimear Toal, who was a first place regional champion took 15th place in the Senior Ladies (World Medal Holder). And a big round of applause goes out to our Celtic Steps boys and men, Blaine Donovan, David Jenista, Hadley Hofeiter, Nick Sullivan all recalled in the top 33% of the World Champions.

Colorado Irish Dancers Take on the world and win!
Celtic Steps Jr. Figure Team with Shaun and Aisling Casey at All Irelands in Killarney, IE

Celtic Steps Rocks All Irelands Figures

2010 Killarney, IE

Won 1st Place — Junior Figure Choreography Team
Won 1st Place — Senior Mixed Ceili
Won 2nd Place — Senior Figure Girls Team

We had lots of solo recalls but a special congrats goes out to

David Jenista 9th Overall and 4th in light shoe solo recall

Marcia Speights 26th and 4th in Light Shoe Solo recall

For more photos or info please go to our “News” page.


Celtic Steps Rocks Denver
Western Regional Oireachtas

2009 Denver, Colorado

We congratulate our
40 recalled dancers & 13 World Qualifiers!

Won 1st Place — Junior Figure Choreography Team
Won 1st Place — Senior Mixed Figure Choreography Team

Won 1rd Place — Mixed Senior Ceili Team
Won 1st Place — Eimear Toal Senior Ladies Solos
Won 1st Place — Josh Garzaniti- U11 Boys Solos

2nd Place
— Senior Girls Figure Choreography Team
2nd Place — Girls Senior Ceili Team
2nd Place — Marcia Speights U-18 Girls

(More updates coming soon. Contact us directly at [email protected] if you would like an official press release on this competition.)

More Photos in our Gallery.

Aisling Casey at Denver 2009 Oireachtas

Shaun Casey thrilled for one of his dancers!

We Congratulate the following winning teams:

2010 All Irelands
Jr. Figure 1st Place
Sr. Figure Mixed 1st Place
Sr. Figure Ladies 2nd Place
Sr. Mixed Ceili 1st Place

2010 World Championships TBD this month!
Good Luck Celtic Steps this spot is for your names!

2009 North Amer. Championships, TN USA
Won 1st Place — Senior Figure Choreography Team
Won 3rd Place — Senior Girls Ceili Team

2009 World Championships, PA USA
Won 5th Place — Senior Figure Choreography Team

Read about Celtic Steps in the Press: Download or preview our current press releases and news.